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Choose Your Support

Sometimes mattresses all look the same – white rectangles with decorative stitching. However, the material and construction of each one is designed to give you the perfect mattress that suits your sleep style and that best meets your sleep needs. 

At Rest Assured, we spend a lot of time studying in our manufacturing plant why coil and hybrid beds are better for you. 
While you have options with us, we will make the best recommendation based on what’s best for you.

What mattress type appeals to you?
Today, coil mattresses are popular for many reasons. They can be delicately soft to really firm depending on the coil design. Proper coil design includes: coil density, wire gauge, turns per coil and tempering. These elements impact your stability as you rest and enhance how your body conforms to your mattress. Plus, coil mattresses sleep 28 percent cooler than foam and have the longest life expectancy!
Hybrid Mattress
A hybrid mattress combines different mattress types, giving you the benefits of both. For example, you may like the shelf life of a coil mattress, but want the comfort of foam. Hybrid mattresses quickly became best sellers, but make sure you verify the details of your mattress’ components and how it was constructed. You don’t want too many layers of foam because it traps air which results in even more breakdown.
Unlike memory foam, polyfoam has quicker bounce back preventing you from sinking in and feeling trapped. It’s made to compress under pressure and can be used as the support or comfort layer. Density is the key consideration when buying a foam mattress. Denser foam mattresses are typically better quality and last longer than lower density foam mattresses. But over time, polyurethane will usually break down and begin to show impressions, just like couch cushions do. For these reasons, we are very conscientious of the type and amount of foam we use in our beds

Know Your Sleep Position 

Not only does the material and construction of your mattress matter, your sleep position does, too. It helps determine the level of support your body requires – how deep a cradle you need and how thick the comfort layer should be. Get comfortable, because you spend nearly 30 percent of your life lying in bed. 

Rest Assured sleep experts will ask you your sleep position because it helps determine your comfort layer. 

Choose Your Comfort Layer 

Thickness is often just a visual ploy designed to get people to think they’re buying a more comfortable mattress. Be careful. Listen to your body and find the bed that feels the most comfortable, not the one that just looks that way. Bring your pillow to Rest Assured because that can influence various pressure points. We’ll likely have you start testing your bed without a pillow top first and then get cushier. 
Back Sleeper
  • Thinner, firmer comfort layer
  • Need to adequately support your entire backside

Side Sleeper
  • Some plushness in comfort layer
  • Need enough pressure relief in your shoulders and hips
  • Add firmness to support heavier body weight
  • Subtract firmness for lighter body weight

Stomach Sleeper
  • Thinner comfort layer
  • Fully support your lumbar to avoid arching your back while sleeping

Combination Sleeper
  • Comfort layer for your most slept in position
  • Firmness depends on where pressure relief is needed
    (i.e. softer for shoulder/hip relief and firmer for lower back)

Pick Your Mattress Size

No matter how much homework you do to buy the best mattress type, if it’s too small, you won’t sleep well on it. A mattress should be wide and long enough to fit all potential sleepers. 

We understand that sometimes you can only sleep on what your room can accommodate or what you can afford. But you should always consider your ideal mattress size to help optimize a great night’s rest. 
CALIFORNIA KING: Longest mattress available and optimal for very tall sleepers.

KING: Widest bed available and the best choice for couples who like their space or families who bed share. 
QUEEN: Most popular mattress size sold. Perfect for couples who can’t accommodate a king bed.

FULL: Best for single (shorter) adult sleepers or two children sharing bed. 
Hybrid Mattress
TWIN: Best for children. Simply too small for most teenagers and adults. 

TWIN XL: Ideal for taller teenagers or adults sleeping alone.

Choose Your Base

Foundations and bed frames provide support for your mattress and elevate it to a height that is comfortable for getting in and out of bed. Common bed foundations include: wood, steel grid, coil and platform. 

A great option for relieving back pain and improving circulation are adjustable bases. These fold in multiple places to form distinct sections that can be elevated or lowered to a desired position. Ideal for older adults, pregnant women, those recovering from surgery or anyone with limited mobility. 

Sleep experts at Rest Assured will help direct you to a solid, supportive and straight foundation. 


What Others Say

The staff at Rest Assured are very kind and knowledgeable, we told them what we were looking for and we were steered toward two different mattresses. The sales associate was not pushy and she gave us plenty of time to make our decision. She was very informative on the pros and cons of both styles of beds, and when we ultimately made our decision we had the bed delivered and setup in our bedroom just a few hours later! I would definitely recommend this store to anyone that is looking for a new bed. It's nice to know, too, that we bought from a local business that's very personable, makes all of their beds on site and firmly stands behind its product as opposed to a big chain store that's more worried about its profits.

Rob C.

It's been a few months since I purchased my new bed from Rest Assured. I love it! It is so nice not to wake up daily with back pain. My dog also has a dog bed from Rest Assured and he loves it. He sleeps on it daily. The staff was so friendly and helpful! Thank you guys for all your help. Elmer and I will be stopping back the next time we need something. You guys rock!

- Alyssa Gabrielson

I purchased my mattress from Rest Assured around 6 or 7 years ago and the bed is still as soft as the same day I bought it! My experience was filled with outstanding service by the employees, and also a learning experience into how they make the mattress on site and in store. If you are looking for the best quality mattress around Rest Assured should be your only choice!

- Bryant Anderson

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