Our Mattresses

Our Mattresses

We are manufacturers first and sales people second. 

Our bed-makers take pride in the quality of mattresses that are made onsite in Rochester, Minnesota and sold in our showroom, adjacent to the manufacturing plant. We don’t just say our beds are better; we can prove it. We use Leggett & Platt coils and high density foam to provide you with superior support. We know exactly what’s inside our beds. And we can show you.

We offer three product lines to meet the needs of all sleepers. Our good, better and best mattresses are available in any size. 

Good mattress

Firmer mattresses. Ideal for kids, guest rooms or growing youth.

Better mattress

Medium firm mattress. Ideal for adults.

Best Mattress

All firmness levels available - soft, medium, extra - and ideal for anyone seeking a higher-quality pocketed coil mattress

Better mattress

Morning Star
• Ideal for a child or youth
• Features a Bonnel coil with 1/2 “ foam 
• Wood foundation 

Price starting at $120
“Where else in town can you buy a mattress and adjust it at the manufacturing plant if it’s not sleeping right? We genuinely want you to get a great night’s rest and that’s why we offer our Comfort Guarantee!” – Charlie Dixon, Owner 

Contract/Wholesale Mattresses

Ideal for medical and hospitality facilities to dormitories and hotels – our contract/wholesale mattresses are built to withstand all body sizes without sacrificing comfort.

The 660 Lura Flex Coil innerspring mattress is our recommendation for health care, hospitality and hotels – it’s tested well for more than 40 years. Our special coils give sleepers gentle, yet firm support without the pressure on their hips and shoulders.

The Rest Assured Health Care Fluid Proof Mattress is antimicrobial, antibacterial and features OX Soflux Fabric, ideal for:

• Nursing home mattresses
• Assisted living facility mattresses
• Group home mattresses
• Hospital mattresses

Special coils give patients gentle, yet firm support without the pressure on their hips and shoulders. 

Contact us to learn more and customize to your sleepers’ needs (flip, no flip, with or without pillow tops, etc.). We’ve worked with local and national brands since 1971; deliver in the U.S.; and, provide wholesale/quantity discounts. 

Custom Mattresses

Space and bed frames often dictate what type and mattress size you need. Yet, comfortable, custom-made mattresses are hard to find. We can manufacture any shape or sized mattress for your boat, semi-truck, camper, antique bed, ice shack or fishing house.

Foam, inner spring and pocketed coils are three materials we use to give you a great night’s rest on or off the road. 

Bulk discounts available. 
Good mattress

• Least expensive option
• Good starter mattress
• Shortest life compared to innerspring mattresses 
• Available with foam pillow top for added comfort 
Better mattress
• 660 Lura Flex Coil 
• More support than foam 
• Great comfort 
• Flip, no flip 
• Available with pillow top for added plushness
Best Mattress

• Highest-quality, long-lasting
• Most comfort compared to foam and inner spring
• Available in soft, medium, firm and extra firm 
• Available in flip and no flip

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