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We offer a bed for every budget. We have mattresses from $119 and above, all the way to high-end luxury beds.

The real question is: can you afford not to have a new mattress? You spend one-third of your life in bed. The rest of your days depend on the rest of your nights. We have comfortable beds that fall into the luxury category for very reasonable prices. Buy the best mattress, tires and shoes you can afford. They're worth it.

At Rest Assured, we do not specialize in "cheap beds.” We specialize in mattresses that work well for people. When comparing prices on mattresses, it is important to compare apples to apples and in this case, you will find our mattresses cost far less while providing additional quality and comfort.

I made my first mattress in the fall of 1973. Since then, I have worked hard to protect my reputation, and deliver the finest quality product available in this region. Each year we ship mattresses to several states; many of our customers who have left the area feel like they cannot get the same quality we offer in their new city. Our employees are dedicated to bringing you the best quality mattress that will help you get the rest you need. –Chuck Dixon, Owner

Many mattress stores advertise a sale 52 weeks each year when in reality, the sale price is the regular price. We do not offer sales on our mattresses. This allows everyone to receive the best price at any time of the year. Because I own a small business in the community I live in, I never felt comfortable telling my neighbor or friend that they had a deadline to make a decision because a sale was ending. –Chuck Dixon, Owner

Making a mattress flip will extend the life of the bed - if you regularly flip. Because we add an extra layer of foam to your flip bed, it will also make it a little more comfortable. So yes, if you value the added comfort, life and are willing to regularly flip your bed, and then flip it – it is worth it!

We offer a 6 and 12 month interest-free financing through Synchrony Financing. Don’t want to use credit? We offer a layaway plan. Pick out the bed for you and make payments as you wish.

Delivery and Disposal

Yes. We deliver anywhere in the U.S. (and have sold mattresses all over!). Call Rest Assured and we can give you a price quote. Our delivery guys will bring everything in and set up the new bed. They can even help move around your old bed and bag it, if needed.

We can dispose of your old mattress for $20 per piece on delivery day. Or, you can contact a local recycling service in your area and schedule a removal time. The Salvation Army will take any used bed at no cost to you, but you need to drop it off.

No. You can have a family member meet us on delivery day, no problem. We are happy to put the bed in the garage for you if you give us a garage code.

Warranty and Comfort Guarantee

Our goal is to ensure you are satisfied with your mattress purchase. With our exclusive 60 Day Comfort Guarantee, you have time to try out your new mattress with little risk of getting one that is too firm or too soft. Outside of the 60 days? Still not a problem. Our Comfort Guarantee lasts as long as your warranty.

A warranty is used when our products or components have broken down or failed. To begin a warranty claim, the mattress must be clean; we cannot bring a dirty mattress into our facility. You will need to provide transportation of your mattress to our factory, or you can pay us to pick it up and bring it home. Fill out a warranty claim here.

We want you to use the Comfort Guarantee when your needs have changed and your mattress is no longer comfortable. Hopefully this will not cost as much money as a brand new mattress. In order to begin your comfort guarantee your mattress must be clean. You need to provide transportation of your mattress to our factory or pay us to pick it up and bring it home. If you have had the mattress for less than 60 days, we will charge you the price difference of the new mattress. More than 60 days but less than 1 year, we charge $50 plus the price of product. For every year thereafter, we charge $100 plus the price of the product. Fill out a Comfort Guarantee claim here.

Mattresses / Why should I buy from you?

If your mattress is bad, your box spring probably is too. Your box spring should be completely flat with no dips. If you notice any sag, it is time to get a new box spring.

Several types are available. We sell an all-wood option with our economical mattresses and a steel grid mounted to wood with our higher-end beds. Please note, the all-wood box spring will develop a squeak over time.

If you are buying a twin or a full, you can use any frame you like. For a queen mattress, we want a center support that runs horizontal and goes to the floor. For a king, we want a center support that runs head to foot to support the split of the box springs and has two center legs that go to the floor.

In addition to the quality we build into our products, all mattresses produced at Rest Assured Mattress are Part 1633 compliant. Part 1633 is an Open Flame Test, conducted by an independent lab, on every mattress prototype. Since 2006, we have invested thousands of dollars to ensure that our products meet and exceed top safety requirements.

While coil count plays a role in determining the comfort and quality of a mattress, many other factors affect comfort, including the turns per coil, the gauge of wire, the direction of the coils and the turns per inch of helicals. At Rest Assured, we will happily educate you on the detailed pieces that go into a mattress that make a superior design.

Not necessarily. If a mattress is too firm, it may cause you to toss and turn all night. It is essential to find the right amount of support to provide you with the best sleep possible. That firmness will be different for each person.

Low quality pillow tops with low-density foam may leave depressions that may cost you sleep every night. When made properly with top-of-the-line materials, pillow top mattresses can provide outstanding comfort that lasts.

Depending on the bed you purchase, it could take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks to make. Most days we have over 20 beds in stock and ready to go!

Somni Gel, the newest product in the mattress industry, it is a 100 percent rubber, hypoallergenic, nontoxic, odorless product with no added substances. Unlike foam, Somni Gel will not retain heat or compress over time. Built using the honey comb feature, Somni Gel is the strongest shape found in nature providing the ultimate pressure reduction for your hips and shoulders. The columns buckle at your hips and shoulders but stand tall where you need support, like your lower back. When we pair Somni Gel on top of our pocketed coils, you get the ultimate comfort on a long lasting mattress.

Natural and organic may not be what you think. The term natural mattress isn’t regulated by the government or any third party. And, a mattress can be labeled organic even if a portion of its materials are certified organic. We strive to keep our mattresses as green as possible; it’s good for you – and good for our factory. Please call us regarding your concerns because green can mean different things to different people. For example, some customers are more concerned about the amount of foam in their bed while others care about the chemicals in the fire barriers. In the first scenario, we would “off-gas” your foam for a period of time that makes you comfortable – and encourage you to avoid foam pillow tops. In the latter, we’d explain that we use Kevlar thread, 2.5 times stronger than nylon, which allows us to avoid spraying our beds with a flame retardant or boric acid. We’d also offer you a flip version. At Rest Assured, we value safe mattress production for you and our environment. Please call us with any concerns over how we practice green!

We do not sell memory foam mattresses. In the past when we sold them, these mattress types were exchanged because they didn’t sleep well. We know that they’re a popular type on today’s market, but we’ve stopped manufacturing memory foam mattresses. Additional chemicals are used to increase its viscosity and density, sometimes giving people headaches and the mattress an odor. We do not want these chemicals in our manufacturing plant. Memory foam holds memory – which makes it difficult for elderly or restricted sleepers to turn lying down or get out of bed. It responds to heat and pressure, which can make your bed really firm in cold weather or really hot. This inconsistency can be uncomfortable for sleepers. We highly recommend building you a coil or hybrid bed.

While we do not carry latex mattresses on our show floor, we can order product and make you a custom latex bed. Latex mattresses are made by processing existing rubber to offer a supportive, breathable, and more eco-friendly core. Historically, the unpredictable quality of material made our job (manufacturing uniform, supportive, durable mattresses) more difficult. While we prefer to build you a coil or hybrid bed – we can certainly manufacture a latex mattress if you’d like.

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